Spam Musubi

“Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!” – Monty Python

Ah yes, the lovely spam. But what is it? Mystery meat? Is it even meat? Why, yes it is. It’s a pork product, mostly made of ham and very edible. And although spam didn’t originate in Hawaii, its residents consume the most in the world. No kidding! So naturally in continuing with my Hawaiian food series that I’d be featuring spam.

Spam musubi is NOT a spam sushi. Musubi is a class on its own because it’s meat on a square-ish block of rice wrapped in seaweed. This is something I always get whenever I visit a Hawaiian restaurant. But this can easily be made at home. All you really need is rice, spam, and seaweed. But in my recipe, I’ll add a few things to give it a bit more flavor.

1 can of spam
1 package of nori (seaweed)
japanese short grain rice

Optional ingredients for
Spam marinade

Soy sauce

Rice vinegar
Furikake – Japanese rice seasoning

Here are all the ingredients.

This is my favorite Japanese rice that I can only find in a Japanese supermarket. It has a very tasty flavor to their rice. It’s important to use short grain because it’s a glutinous rice. This type of rice is sticky and useful with you are trying to mold it.

Slice the spam in whatever thickness you like.

Marinate the spam in a soy sauce-sugar mixture for a few minutes. The amount is really up to you. I just eyeballed this and estimated that I wanted a little more of a sweet marinade, so I added a bit of sugar compared to the amount of soy sauce since spam is salty enough.

Pan fry the spam while pouring some of the marinade over the spam. This will create a sugary salty coating around the spam. Remove from pan after getting a nice color.

I don’t have a musubi press so I form this by hand. I mixed a little rice vinegar and sugar with the rice (after it has cooled). Similar to how you make sushi rice for nigiri. I formed the block into the shape and size of the spam. I topped it off with furikake.

Note: This is sticky rice, so this rice will stick to your hands. To prevent this from happening, moisten your hands with a little water before handling the rice.

Add the spam on top of the rice.

Make another block of rice and put it on top. Ugh, what an ugly shape I did.

Wrap the block with nori, slice and serve.

Verdict: If you want to be perfect with the shape, then use a musubi press, but if you are making a lot of these and need speed? Just shape everything with your hands

I LOVE SPAM! 🙂 But please don’t spam my inbox 😛

– Max


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