Apple Inc. Fried Pie, for Steve Jobs

When I heard the news today, I couldn’t believe it.  Steve Jobs is gone.  Silly me, I always thought that he’d be around to give us more products that we didn’t know we wanted.  Every year was like a kid at Christmas time, wondering what he’ll give us next.  Alas, we won’t get anymore from him.  But he’s in a better place now.  Stupid cancer.

Steve Jobs had his mark in almost everything I have and do in my daily life.  It was like he was always with me.  His iPhone was always near, or in my pocket.  I listen to his iPod while I run.  Even in my day job, I write software on his MacBook Pro.  And for this blog, I use his Business suite – iWorks.  He’s everywhere.  And now he’s gone.  But he’s still with me.  When I heard the news today, I knew right away I wanted to do an apple dish to commemorate the man who changed the world, who made me more productive, who helped me think differently.

A lone bitten Fuji apple with the Apple logo on my cutting board.  RIP Steve Jobs.

2 tablespoons (28 g) butter
4 McIntosh apples, peeled, cored, and sliced
1/2 cup (118 ml) sugar
1/2 teaspoon (2.25 g) cinnamon
1 teaspoon (5.5 g) lemon juice
1 (8-piece) container refrigerated flaky biscuit dough

Simple ingredient list.  However, I do not think that McIntosh apples grow on my side of the US.  It would have been perfect since the personal computer product line is the Macintosh.  A good substitute is the Gala Apple.  Sweet and slightly tart.

We’ll start making the apple filling.  Peel, core, and slice the apples.   I did a pretty bad job of slicing the apple evenly.

Melt the butter on medium heat (5 on my stove) in a large saucepan.

Once the butter has melted, put in the apples, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice.

Stir together until the apple has softened up.  Around 15 minutes.  Remove from heat and let it sit and cool.

In the meantime, get some frying oil ready.  Get it up to 350 F (177 C).  This was around 3 on my stove.  I used a thermometer to check the final temperature.

On my cutting board, I sprinkled a little flour and spread it out.  This is to prevent the biscuit dough from sticking.

I don’t have a rolling pin, so I used my Grey Goose bottle of Vodka to roll out the biscuit dough to about 7 or 8 inches (17-20 cm) in diameter.

Place some of the filling onto ½ of the dough. Brush some water around the edges of the dough to help seal the pie when it is folded over in half.

Use a fork to crimp the edges.  This reinforces the seal.

And it makes it look nice too.

Carefully fry the pie, turning it often to evenly brown.  This process should take about 5 to 8 minutes.  The color should be golden brown.

Put them on a paper towel to drain the oil.

Sprinkle some powdered sugar for presentation.

Enjoy this while it’s hot, otherwise it’ll be soggy.  This tasted very good!  Good luck!

– The filling never thicken.  The reason why was because I accidentally put in too much lemon juice.  I juiced up a whole lemon, but I only needed 1 teaspoon of it.  Luckily it didn’t make my filling overly soup, just overly liquid.
– Notice in my picture that I used flakey layers biscuits?  This was also a mistake because I didn’t know that it was going to puff up so big, so much so that the inside layers of dough was a bit undercook
– It’s very very very important that your frying oil is at 350 degrees.  Reason being is so that the outside and inside can cook and finish at the same time.  If the oil is too hot, then the outside will burn while the inside dough stays undercook.  If the oil is too cold, then the pastry will soak in too much oil.

Original recipe:

– Max


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